Terms & Conditions.

(1)   Taxes (BTW), Payments & Non payments   

(2)   Changes to Disclaimer

(3)  Arrival time

(4)   Insurance

(5)   Permits

(6)   Cancellations

(7)   Pet transport

(8)    Weight limit restrictions

(9)    Materials not allowed to be carried by law 

(9a)  You are liable for damages

(10)   Damage to walls and floors 

(11)  Stoep tot stoep "Curb to Curb"(for amsterdam)

(12)  Stoep tot stoep "Curb to Curb"(For all of Netherlands)

(13)  Outside of The Netherlands:

(14)  Verhuislift (Outdoor ladderlift)

(14a) Liabilities verhuislift

(14b) If the verhuislift cannot be operated  

(15) Bookings

(16)   Unavoidable damages

1) Taxes (BTW), Payments & Non Payments

All prices exclude 21% btw

Payments are to be paid Cash € (Sorry, we do not accept, credit cards, pin passes or any other form of payment, except cash.) We do not give credit.
Should you not have cash available at the end of the move,
the waiting time for you to draw money from the atm will be added to your bill

Payment is always in cash unless otherwise arranged in advance.
Should you not pay the outstanding balance within the 15 days the following will occur:

€100 will be added to your bill.
The overdue  invoice  will be handed over to the collection agency.
All additional collection agency fees will be payable by you. 
Once it has been handed over we are not able to reverse the process.
If you like to avoid this uncomfortable situation
Pay in cash or pay on time as agreeded upon.

The customer may not negotiate the bill with the workers /driver at any location.
Should there be any disputes or adjustments, please contact
our office by phone or by email.

The driver has the right to demand payment, before offloading any goods
at a storage facility or if the bill is €150 or more.

Invoices are  written by the  drivers  are always  checked by our office.
Should there be a incorrect calculated invoice, the client is still liable for the outstanding amount. In the case of over payment the said amount will be refunded  into the clients bank account.

The driver & crew are human and are  allowed to catch their breath during a move.
The driver & crew has the right to leave a job at anytime :
If the customer is verbally or  physical abusive
Lack of man power when the customer has taken it upon,
her/ himself to supply additional mapower, and  have NOT done so.
Or any other unreasonable request.  

2)  Changes to Disclaimer:

Cargotaxi has the right to make any changes at any time to the disclaimer or any other changes on the website, and that includes the prices. All prices quoted are estimates we do not guarantee
exact prices as conditions my vary at the time of the move.

3) Arrival time: 

We are unable to give you an exact arrival time in the morning or afternoon as
it depends on traffic, bad weather and the length of moves earlier in the day.
If the crew has been delayed for an hour or more you will be notified of the delay
and estimated time of arrival.

4) Insurance:

Everything we transport can be insured, only when we do everything for you. 
Glass, mirrors & windows are not insured.
You need to arrange the insurance  ahead of time, for that day yourself. 
All your goods needs to be insured by yourself, we will not be held responsible for any goods that has been broken or damaged. 

(Any valuable item that is worth more than €500, we must be notified in advance, so that we can take extra precaution becuase of its high value.)   

Pack all mirrors and breakables with bubble wrap clearly mark "Fragile ". 
Mark Fragile objects "Fragile" all the boxes that contain  breakables  mark"Fragile " .

In the case where furniture or any other goods are placed into the truck by anybody
that is not employed by Cargotaxi.nl, the items are not insured.

Material & Physical damage that has been inflicted on or by the client or by the clients
helpers or any other person, is not a liability of Cargotaxi.nl.
Non liability includes if the incident takes place between an employee of cargotaxi.nl, the client and the clients helpers. 

Own Risk:

20m3 Truck + 1 Worker    = Own risk > Self service
20m3 Truck + 2 Workers  = Own risk from €800

20m3 Truck  + 3 Workers = Own risk from €400

Verhuislift / outdoor moving elevator - In combination with our trucks + 3 workers
= Own risk from €400                 

5) Permits :

All permits that need to be obtained for parking,moving,blocking the street, driving on the sidewalk,driving on bicycle lanes, operating the verhuislift & streets that are for market places, can be obtained from the Goverment agencies that deals with permits,such as "Stadsdeel",it is your responsibility to obtain them.
If you do not have the permits on the day of your move,you will be responsible for any fines occuring.
(You need to save a parking spot for the truck of 3m x 10m , all parking fees are to be paid by you)
Cargotaxi, will NOT be held responsible for fines or any damages for lack of the permit.


6)  Cancellations :

All cancellations must be 24 hours in advance, should we not receive cancellation in time you will be billed for drivers time,  per hour,workers  per hour for each worker, truck rental fee +€ 1  for each kilometer both ways.  If the bill is not payed in 30 days interest your account will be handed over the a debt collector.  We will be adding 10% compound interest every month untill it is settled, plus a late fee of €50 will be added. Cancellations must be made by email - cargotaxi@live.nl  and call to verify that we have received your email. 


7)  Pet transport: 

Services is available on request. All pets in transit must be in a proper travelling box.
If the pet is leaving for another country please ensure that all relevant documentation is in order.    

8)  Weight limit restrictions :

    The weight limit on the 20m3 truck is 495kg
9)  Materials not allowed to be carried by law:
      Flammable liquid or gasses.
      Drugs soft or hard.
      Fertilizer of any kind.
      Explosives & fireworks.
      Materials that leave foul odours.
      Nuclear &  medical waste.
      Contraband Alcohol & Ciggarettes across borders.
      No human's allowed to ride in he back of the truck. 
(exception cats, dogs, birds that are in the proper pet  travelling box)

      Driver has the right to refuse any material that may be hazordous or may damage the truck. 

9a) You are liable for damages:    

Any of your goods that are packaged,  in boxes,bags, or any other type of  packaging     
what is covering up that is in there, that can not be seen.
If something leaks into the truck and causes damage from any of the abovementioned  
you are fully responsible and will be held liable to  pay for any damages caused.    
Insurances do not cover this type of property damage.
In the case of false representation by the customer, Cargotaxi will NOT be held liable for   
damages occuring thereoff.    
Customers have to be present at all adresses unless otherwise arranged in advance.   

Due to the current economic crises theft is on the rise, therefore we strongly advise that you
arrange for a friend or relative to be outside to watch your goods being loaded & offloaded at all times. The workers are not able to move you and watch your goods at the same time.


10) Damage to walls and floors :

Cargotaxi, will not be held responsible for ANY damage to walls during a move.
Cargotaxi.nl or their workers are not liable for damage occuring to, balconey's, facades,
windows & window railings that are of poor quality and in poor condition, this includes
any mounting mechanisms which are unsafe or unstable.

Cargotaxi.nl, is always exempted from any liablility or damage to stairwells & floors, including the walls of the stairwells.
Cargotaxi.nl, are not liable for any damage that occurs to, trees, bushes, exterior walls, Interior walls, window frames,protruding advertising, poles, signs, panels, pipes, outdoor lights, garden lights, sprinkler systems,hose pipes, garden statues or ornaments.

Cargotaxi.nl, is not liable for your plants dying, , your pet refusing to eat, your electric, electronic,digital & mechanical equipment dysfunctions.
Valuables need to be  documented & itemised, with a valuedation certificate with the driver in detail on the day of the move,this includes:Collectors items, gems,pearls, postage stamp collections, foreign coins & bills, documentation, bank statements, certificates,jewelry, or any thing else which can be put in a box and is considered valuable.
The client is responsible to dismantle and assemble items that needs to be moved, unless otherwise agreed upon.

It is up to the customer to lay protective material on the floors to avoid damages.
Cargotaxi cannot be held responsible for any damages occuring during a move or while
dissasembling & reassembling furniture.

It is up to the client to ensure his/her couches & matresses are protected from getting wet or dirty.
(Covers can be ordered from us in advance) 

Cargotaxi.nl, will not be held liable for any damage occuring while dismantling or assembling.Customers must be present at all adresess on the day of the move,if damage occurs to the building or the clients belongings the items must be inspected in the presence of the movers, including the driver.
A written damage report, has to be written in the presence of the movers & signed by both parties with a valid date & adress.
Liablity is nul and void once the movers have left.

11) Stoep tot stoep "Curb to Curb"(for Amsterdam only)  

"Stoep to Stoep" Amsterdam only- from €50 , you need to have all your goods ready on the sidewalk at the time of appointment,  you load we pack  the goods on to the truck and at the final destination we will unpack & you unload your goods on the sidewalk the rest is then up to you.
(Time limit 1 hour / Extra time €10 for every 15 minutes)+ (All other terms & conditions apply)

12) Outside of The Netherlands:

A 50% deposit is payable into our bank account, 15 days prior to the start of the journey /move. This is applicable to all moves outside of The Netherlands. This deposit is non refundable should you need to cancel and do NOT do so in time. Cancellation should be made no later than 72 hours before we leave Amsterdam to start our journey for that move.   All cancellation must be made by email to info@cargotaxi.nl  
and call to verify that we have have recieved your email.       


13) Verhuislift (Outdoor ladderlift)

Your responsibility before ordering the verhuislift:
make sure there is a spot for the verhuislift, the verhuislift need to be no more than 3 meters away from the building, and no closer than 1 meter from the building.  Make sure there is no obstacles like : phone booths,bicycle stands,cars, lamp posts, electric cables, store awnings, satelite dishes, trees etc.The lift needs solid ground to stand on, it can NOT be operated on sand, earth or grass, or on very windy days. Always ensure that the window is big enough and can be removed. When the verhuislift is in use, it is required that 2 people are upstairs to move the items onto /off the verhuislift the whole time.  

The size of the verhuis lift is 3m x 10m , the spot needed for the verhuislift must not be  smaller.
After you have made sure these things are not in the way, you need to obtain a permit from the Local Goverment agency that deals with permits such as "STADSDEEL"
We will still operate the lift even if you did not obtain a permit, you will take full responsibility for all fines.
The verhuislift is being rented to you, the worker operating the lift is being rented by you, you are renting the equipment and the operator for the agreed upon sum. Therefore it is your responsibility to obtain the permits or to pay for the fines if they occur.  The fines will be on your name, since you are the renter. 

14a) Liabilities verhuislift :

If you are putting goods on the lift and something should fall off the verhuislift and do any damage, to a human or property you are 100% liable for it.  Our insurance does not cover you for that.

Unless you  hired workers from our company who has been  trained to put goods on the verhuislift, our insurance will only pay out to others and not to you. Doing so,  it releases you from your liability if you did not assist by putting goods on the lift. If you are a part of putting something on the lift with the worker then you take 50% of the responsibility. You can always hire enough manpower from us which excludes you from such liability. 

14b) If the verhuislift cannot be operated :

 If the verhuislift cannot be operated  at the location for any reason, mentioned above or others 
 A fee of €45 is still payable. This is for Amsterdam.  Outside of Amsterdam the fee is 50% of the agreed upon price. The lift operator has the right to refuse to operate the verhuislift should he feel the conditions is unsafe, and the fees will still be due on the spot. Any disputes on windy days will be credited.

15) Bookings:

All telephonic booking has to be followed up with an email confirming the full adresses including
the postal code, contact number,name & date of the move. Special requests must be in writing and requested in advance.
Should you not have internet access an sms will suffice (exception) Once the email or sms has been recieved you are bound to our terms and conditions. 
Temporary bookings are valid for 24 hours only, should there be no confirmation it will be cancelled without any notification.

16) Unavoidable damages:

Should a customer at any point have omitted any information or misrepresented any information which is the effective cause of unavoidable damage cargotaxi.nl is not reponsible for any damage what so ever occuring.
Should you tell us that all the furniture / goods are able to be carried through the stairwell, and this is not the case & the walls are in any way damaged, it is not the reposnisbility of cargotaxi.nl  
Should the client omitt / misrepresent  the size or weight of any object that can not be moved in a normal manner and damages occur, cargotaxi.nl is not responsible.