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Moving tips

Nothing is worse than realizing you still have to pack half
of your belongings the night before your move!

If you can, try to pack room by room.
This will allow you to rapidly unpack all your stuff at your new house
without having to sort through all your boxes.
You could even write a short summary of what is in each box,
this means you can locate important and or small items quickly.

Use cardboard moving boxes to store and transport your possessions in,
they are sturdy, can hold up to twenty kilo's and their square shape makes
them ideal for stacking and transportation.
We advise not filling the boxes to more than 75% of their capacity.
This will ensure they remain intact and that the handles-holes are not blocked from the inside.

Create “Open Me First” boxes- Pick one or two boxes per room as "Open Me First" boxes

The Kitchen

1.Aluminum foil or plastic wrap + Trash bags
2.Break-proof or disposable cups, plates & cutlery.
3.Coffee,sugar,longlife / powder milk
4.Tea kettle
5.Dish soap & paper towels
6.Pet food and bowels & Scissors
7.Phone number & menu of food delivery service.

The Bathroom

1.Bath mat
2.Bath towels
3.First-aid kit (aspirin,band-aids etc)
5.Shower curtain,rod & rings.
7.Toilet paper
8.Toothbrushes and toothpaste

The Drawer

1.Duct tape
3.Flat-head screwdriver
6.Phillips-head screwdriver
7.Picture hangers
8.Tape measure
9.Utility knife
10.Mobile phone charger

Packing Tips:

Pack a suitcase for each family member moving, pack a suitcase as if you’re
all going away for the weekend.
medications, eyeglasses, toiletries, etc.

Instead of the floor, use a completely cleared-off table top or counter in each
room for packing boxes.
Use sturdy boxes that close
Wrap items carefully with bubblewrap or packing paper.
Try to avoid using newspaper as you will have to wash everything afterwards.
Do not over pack boxes with books, rather mix with clothing or other lighter items.
Provide plenty of cushioning to absorb shock
Make sure cartons are firmly packed and do not rattle, bulge outward or bend inward.
Tape properly bottom & top.

Use the thickest, darkest marker you can find for labeling boxes.
Label each box on the two broadest sides, opposite one another.

Start box labels with the abbreviated name of the room followed by a box number,
such as “BTH2-6” for "second bathroom, 6th box."
Mark "Fragile" where appropriate.

Keep a bathroom scale in the room you're packing,
so you can keep the boxes below the weight limits.

Stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom,
lightest on top to prevent crushing.

Packing Electronics:

Always use the original packaging when available.

Use a digital or mobile phone camera to take pictures of how complicated wiring is hooked up. 
Print each picture and put it in the top of the box holding the item.
For especially fragile electronics, pack them first in a box with bubblewrap.
Then pack that box in a larger box filled with biodegradable packing peanuts or linen, clothing etc
This two-box system  seems to do a better job isolating items from jarring impacts.
Wrap each cord carefully with cable organizers, heavy twist ties or heavy rubber bands.
Consider getting a label maker and labeling the end of each

It is wise to turn off your refrigerator 24 hours prior to transporting it.
This will give the cooling liquid time to settle and will also allow you to defrost your freezer.

Make sure your washing machine is disconnected from the water supply and that there
is no water still in the machine. This will prevent leaking during transportation that can
damage your possessions.
It is best to tie the water-hose to the machine itself, with the nozzle pointing upwards.
If it is possible disassemble some items,truck space can be better utilized for other items.


Finding a mover:

Only consider movers that are licensed and insured.
Price isn't the only factor, extremely low bids indicate a desperate,
and illegal mover.
Book your move in advance by email or phone.
Always ask for a written confirmation.
Never agree to move your possessions with anyone you don’t trust.

On moving day:

Get up early,you dont want the movers to be waiting outside.

You need to be visible and available at all times - at both adresses.

Get a friend or family member to watch your goods while loaded & offloaded.
This will avoid goods being stolen by people who make a dishonest living.

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Moving tips:
It is the time to take a look at what you own, and decide what
must go and what can be left behind.

Pack one room at a time.
Use sturdy boxes that close.
Wrap items carefully.
Provide plenty of cushioning to absorb shock.
Make sure cartons are firmly packed and do not rattle, bulge outward or bend inward.
Pack a couple of cartons a day.


Mark all boxes.

Empty the washingmachine and drain water from the pipes.


Gooi overbodige spullen direct weg 
Wikkel breekbare spullen in met oude kranten of inpakpapier.
Maak de dozen niet te zwaar.( Niet meer dan 20 kilo ) 
Tap de wasmachine af